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About Vanessa

Vanessa Diaz de Arce, the founder of BarBae, has an unparalleled passion for the art of cocktails. Her journey in mixology is more than a craft; it’s a profound love affair with the world of flavors and libations. With every cocktail she creates, Vanessa strives to turn a simple drink into a work of art, an experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression.
Vanessa Diaz de Arce, an aesthetics nurse practitioner at Glow Up by Vanessa, embarked on a remarkable journey into the art of craft cocktails. In her role as an aesthetics nurse practitioner, Vanessa undoubtedly honed her attention to detail and precision, qualities that seamlessly translated into her mixology endeavors. Her expertise in understanding the human form and enhancing beauty found a parallel in the art of garnishing and presentation. It’s a journey that showcases Vanessa’s versatility, and her pursuit of perfection in every aspect of her work, whether it’s enhancing natural beauty or crafting cocktails, reflects her unwavering dedication to her craft.