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Bartending Services in Miami

Where Every Sip Tells A Story!

Mixing drinks isn’t just a job—it’s an art that takes real skill, passion, and a knack for knowing what people want. When you’re in Miami, make sure to check out BarBae Miami for an awesome cocktail experience. They’re all about top-notch mobile bartending services, making them a must-visit spot for a taste of the city’s best drinks. It’s more than just a bar; it’s where you get to see bartending magic in action!

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Full BarBae Experience

Extensive Beverage Menu: Explore an extensive menu featuring a wide range of cocktails, from timeless classics to innovative, signature creations. We’re always experimenting to bring you fresh and exciting flavors. 

Full Bar Experiences: Join us for interactive private events, and themed cocktail nights. Immerse yourself in the world of spirits, flavors, and techniques.

Explore our Cocktail Menus

Our Themes

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BarBae Miami isn’t your typical cocktail experience; it’s a captivating journey through time and cultures. Whether you’re indulging in our Signature Menu, immersing yourself in Tulum Vibes, dancing the night away during Havana Nights, taking a step back in time with Great Gatsby and Prohibition/Speakeasy themes, experiencing the excitement of Casino, reveling in the glamour of Hollywood, unwinding with Caribbean rhythms, or savoring the festive ambiance of a Luau, there’s something to delight everyone. And for those with a unique vision, BarBae Miami’s bartending services even offers the opportunity to create a personalized menu, ensuring each event is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

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New Year’s Day
BarBae Miami Unveils New Year's Day-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami's New Year's Eve-themed bartending experiences are the perfect way to ring in the year with style and extravagance. As the…
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Tulum Vibes
BarBae Miami Unveils Tulum-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami, the city's latest hotspot for innovative mixology, is taking its patrons on a tropical journey with its newly curated Tulum-inspired drink menu.…
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Havana Nights
BarBae Miami Presents: Havana Nights Drink Menu Immerse yourself in the sultry rhythms and intoxicating flavors of old Havana at BarBae Miami's latest themed event. As the sun sets…
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Great Gatsby
BarBae Miami's Great Gatsby Extravaganza Stepping into BarBae Miami is like stepping back into the Roaring Twenties this month, as they unveil their themed 'Great Gatsby' drink menu. Inspired by…
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Prohibition / Speakeasy
BarBae Miami's Prohibition-Era Speakeasy Extravaganza Step back in time with BarBae Miami as we pay homage to the roaring '20s with a tantalizing Prohibition-themed drink menu. As the glamour of…
cocktails on white sand
BarBae Miami's Caribbean Oasis Step into BarBae Miami this month and be instantly transported to a tropical paradise. Embracing the vibrant pulse of the Caribbean, BarBae has meticulously curated a…
alcohol drinks dice playing cards and casino chips
BarBae Miami's Casino-Themed Drink Menu Roll the dice and step into the vibrant ambiance of BarBae Miami, where the stakes are high and the drinks are even higher. Introducing our…
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BarBae Miami's Hollywood Night: A Cinematic Sip Experience Step into the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown at BarBae Miami's Hollywood-themed drink soirée! We're rolling out the red carpet for all…
hawaiian themed party
BarBae Miami's Luau-Themed Drink Menu This season, BarBae Miami invites you to escape to a tropical paradise with our specially curated Luau-themed drink menu. Inspired by the vibrant flavors and…
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Specialty Drinks

Enjoy Authentic Cocktails

Here’s just a few of our signature drinks.

Signature Cocktails

Mamey MamiBiscayne Bae Abuelitas CafecitoIt’s Guayaba To YouDe Piña Asere Basil-lando
Mobile Bartending Services

Create Your Own Customized Menus

At BarBae Miami, our bartending services are dedicated to empowering you to unleash your creativity through designing a personalized cocktail menu. With expert bartending guidance and an extensive selection of ingredients and flavors, our services give you the freedom to craft a unique assortment of drinks. These bespoke creations will align perfectly with your event’s theme and your personal tastes, ensuring your occasion is truly distinctive. Click below to begin customizing your bartending experience!

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Holiday Lovers

Book Us for Your Seasonal Events

Make your unforgettable seasonal events with our professional bartending services. Book us now to add a touch of sophistication and flair to your gatherings!

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New Year’s Day
BarBae Miami Unveils New Year's Day-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami's New Year's Eve-themed bartending experiences are the perfect way to ring in the year with style and extravagance. As the…
BarBae Miami Unveils Christmas-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami's Christmas-themed bartending experiences are a true winter wonderland of cocktails and festivities, while creating an enchanting atmosphere that's perfect for celebrating the…
BarBae Miami Unveils Thanksgiving-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami's Thanksgiving-themed bartending experiences are a delightful way to celebrate the spirit of gratitude in style. Each November, this Miami-based bar transforms into…
BarBae Miami Unveils Halloween-Inspired Drink Menu BarBae Miami offers an extraordinary Halloween-themed bartending experience that is bound to enchant and thrill patrons looking for a unique and spooky night out.…
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Contact us for all your special events, including parties, weddings, gigs, and more, with our bartending services designed to provide a full bar experience that will make your celebrations memorable. Reach out today to explore how our bartending services can meet your specific needs and help us create the ideal bar experience for your event.

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