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BarBae Miami Unveils Tulum-Inspired Drink Menu

BarBae Miami, the city’s latest hotspot for innovative mixology, is taking its patrons on a tropical journey with its newly curated Tulum-inspired drink menu. Drawing inspiration from the laid-back vibes and natural beauty of Tulum, Mexico, each cocktail tells a story of sandy beaches, dense jungles, and ancient ruins. Fresh ingredients, artisanal spirits, and traditional Mexican infusions are artfully combined to recreate the magic of Tulum, right in the heart of Miami. For those yearning for an escape without the plane ticket, BarBae’s new drink selection is a sip of the Riviera Maya’s paradise. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offering, and let your senses embark on a Mesoamerican adventure. Cheers! 🍹 🍸🗿

Featured Drinks

mezcal mary cocktail
Mezcal Mary
The Mezcal Mary offers a smoky twist on the classic Bloody Mary, introducing the bold essence of mezcal or tequila to the robustness of a traditional Mary mix. With a…
spicy pineapple marg cocktail
Spice Pineapple Marg
The Spice Pineapple Marg, a vivacious fusion of flavors, brings together the smoky allure of mezcal or the bold spirit of tequila with the tropical sweetness of pineapple and the…
hibiscus french 75 cocktail
Hibiscus French 75
The Hibiscus French 75 is an elegant and vibrant twist on the traditional French 75. Fusing the celebratory bubbles of champagne with the botanical richness of gin, this cocktail is…
passionfruit paloma cocktail
Passion Fruit Paloma
The Passion Fruit Paloma, a tantalizing spin on the classic Paloma, intertwines the robust spirit of tequila with the tropical allure of passion fruit, potentially enhanced by a splash of…
mexican mule cocktail
Mexican Mule
The Mexican Mule, a fiery cousin of the classic Moscow Mule, marries the bold spirit of tequila with the effervescent zing of ginger beer. This fusion creates a cocktail that…