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BarBae Miami’s Great Gatsby Extravaganza

Stepping into BarBae Miami is like stepping back into the Roaring Twenties this month, as they unveil their themed ‘Great Gatsby’ drink menu. Inspired by the lavish parties and unbridled opulence of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless novel, the menu offers an array of cocktails that transport patrons to the glitz and glamour of West Egg. From the shimmering ‘Daisy’s Delight’ to the deep, mysterious ‘Gatsby Gold,’ each drink tells a story of its own, intricately crafted with flavors of the era. Swanky jazz music fills the air, and bartenders don sequined vests, headbands, and tasseled dresses, completing the transformative experience. Dive into the 1920s with a sip and let BarBae Miami sweep you off to an era of extravagance and decadence.🎩🎇🍷

Featured Drinks

bees knees cocktail
Bee’s Knees
The Bee’s Knees, a Prohibition-era gem, showcases the harmonious blend of the botanical notes of gin with the tartness of fresh lemon juice. Its name, a popular slang from the…
tom collins cocktail
Tom Collins
The Tom Collins, a quintessential classic in the annals of mixology, celebrates the crisp botanicals of gin, harmoniously coupled with the effervescence of soda water and the tartness of fresh…
manhattan cocktail
The Manhattan, an embodiment of classic cocktail elegance, seamlessly combines the spicy depth of rye whiskey with the aromatic allure of vermouth. This storied concoction, which originated in the salons…