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BarBae Miami’s Casino-Themed Drink Menu

Roll the dice and step into the vibrant ambiance of BarBae Miami, where the stakes are high and the drinks are even higher. Introducing our new casino-themed drink menu, an exhilarating blend of cocktails that promises to take you on a whirlwind journey through the illustrious world of gambling. From the ruby-red ‘Roulette Rush’ to the shimmering ‘Blackjack Bliss’, each concoction tells a story of luck, risk, and revelry. Whether you’re feeling lucky or just looking for a good time, place your bets and let BarBae Miami deal you a hand you won’t forget. Cheers to high rollers and refreshing sips! 🎲 🎰🎡

Featured Drinks

poker face cocktail scaled
Poker Face
The Poker Face drink is a concoction that embodies the enigmatic and mysterious demeanor essential for a game of poker. Often characterized by its smooth and unassuming appearance, this cocktail…
high roller cocktail
High Roller
The High Roller Cocktail is the epitome of luxury and indulgence, crafted for those who aren’t afraid to play big and live large. Often made with top-shelf spirits and rare…
black jack cocktail
Black Jack
Drawing inspiration from the popular card game, the Black Jack Cocktail is a blend of boldness and strategy, appealing to those who appreciate a bit of risk with their reward.…