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BarBae Miami’s Luau-Themed Drink Menu

This season, BarBae Miami invites you to escape to a tropical paradise with our specially curated Luau-themed drink menu. Inspired by the vibrant flavors and traditions of the Hawaiian islands, each cocktail promises a unique blend of exotic fruits, premium spirits, and the unmistakable essence of aloha. From the refreshing ‘Hawaiian Sunrise’ with its hint of passion fruit and rum to the smoky ‘Volcano Eruption’ garnished with a flaming pineapple slice, there’s an island-inspired concoction for every palate. So, don your favorite Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt and join us at BarBae Miami, where every sip transports you straight to the beaches of Waikiki! 🍹🌺🌴

Featured Drinks

mai tai cocktail
Mai Tai
The Mai Tai, a Polynesian-inspired concoction, is a radiant blend of white and dark rums, harmoniously combined with the zesty kick of triple sec. This tropical elixir captivates the palate…
blue hawaiian cocktail
Blue Hawaiian
The Blue Hawaiian, a dazzling spectacle of tropical allure, merges the crisp clarity of white rum with the smoothness of vodka and the electric blue hue of Curacao. This cocktail,…
rum punch cocktail
Rum Punch
The Rum Punch, a spirited embodiment of Caribbean revelry, harmoniously fuses the light, refreshing notes of light rum with the deep, molasses-rich character of dark rum. This sun-kissed concoction, bursting…