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BarBae Miami’s Hollywood Night: A Cinematic Sip Experience

Step into the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown at BarBae Miami’s Hollywood-themed drink soirée! We’re rolling out the red carpet for all drink enthusiasts and film buffs, offering an array of concoctions inspired by classic silver screen moments and iconic movie stars. Let our mixologists transport you to the golden age of cinema with drinks that dazzle both in presentation and taste. From the timeless elegance of ‘The Monroe Martini’ to the fiery depths of ‘The Tarantino Twist,’ our Hollywood Night promises a cinematic sip experience you won’t forget. So, don your best Hollywood attire and join us under the Miami stars – because every drink tells a story and tonight, you’re the star! 🍸🎬🌟

Featured Drinks

golden glamour cocktail
Golden Glamour
The Golden Glamour drink is an effervescent and luxurious cocktail that captures the essence of sophistication and celebration. Often characterized by its shimmering, gold appearance, this drink combines the crispness…
red carpet cocktail
Red Carpet
The Red Carpet drink exudes elegance, allure, and star power, much like the glamorous events it’s named after. Typically characterized by its rich, vibrant red hue, this cocktail is a…
James Bond vesper martini
James Bond
Synonymous with the suave and sophisticated British spy, James Bond’s preferred drink is the iconic Martini. Specifically, he is known for ordering it “shaken, not stirred.” Typically made with gin…