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Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican holiday drink that is rich, creamy, and spiced, often thought of as the island’s answer to eggnog. The name “coquito” means “little coconut,” which hints at the central ingredient of this beloved concoction. A classic Coquito is made with a base of creamy coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk, providing a thick, indulgent texture. To this, a generous amount of white rum is added for a spirited kick. The drink is seasoned with vanilla extract and warming spices such as ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and sometimes cloves or allspice, invoking the festive spirit of the season. Some variations also include a touch of evaporated milk for added richness and egg yolks to create a custard-like consistency, although many modern recipes omit the eggs. All the ingredients are blended until smooth and then chilled until cold. Typically, Coquito is served chilled in small glasses and garnished with a sprinkle of cinnamon, making for a festive and comforting holiday treat.

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